From time to time, Shenandoah Valley Quilters Guild has a challenge for members. In some cases, a challenge may be exhibited in our quilt show.

Mystery Quilt Challenge

 At our November 2017 meeting the Guild kicked off a new “Mystery Quilt”!  This is a quilt that is made without knowing the final outcome.  At each meeting a new “clue” is revealed.  As each “clue” is revealed, the quilt takes on more of its’ final form.  “Clues” will be distributed to all who want them at each meeting.  After each meeting, the clues will be posted to the website.

All are invited to participate! You may view the introduction here: Sapphire Stars Introduction

The first clue may be viewed here: Sapphire Stars Clue 1

If you have any questions you may call or email Nina Jackson.  Her telephone number is 433-0811.  To reach her by email you may click here: Nina Jackson Email

“WIP” Challenge

 For 2017– 2018, we have a challenge called “WIP”, Works In Progress. This is the seventh year for this challenge. Previously it was called “UFO”, Unfinished Objects and then PhD (Projects Half Done). Many of us have projects that haven’t been finished. This is the opportunity to do just that. The challenge is to list six projects to get done in the next year (the year starts in November with the first number). The list is submitted to a coordinator who will keep track of your progress. To begin the challenge, two fat quarters are turned in with the list. Every two months a number is randomly drawn (1 through 6) and that is the number on the list that needs to be completed in two months. At each guild meeting during show and tell, you are to show your finished project. If you don’t show your finished project at the end of the two month period, you owe the “kitty” a fat quarter. In case you can’t be at the meeting, send or email a picture of your project to the coordinator and that will keep you from owing the “kitty”. Each completed project gets their name into a drawing for all the fat quarters at the end of the year. The coordinator for 2017 – 2018 is Cerise Haas.