Quilt Show

New!  Dayton Catering will have a food truck at the quilt show on June 23rd. You can link to their website here.

2018 Quilt Show

The 2016 Quilt Show was a huge success!  Thanks to all who participated.  Winners (by category) are listed below.  To see photos of all entries and from the show click here.


Mary Carlton for Kennebac Cranes

Show Theme

1st   Sandy Maxfield for Thread Trails

2nd  Denise Rudolph for SVQG Threads

3rd  Josephine Millett for Memories of Quilt Shows

Master Large Pieced

1st    Lori Hertzler Schrock for Sea Waves Bargello

2nd  Fran Miller for Triple Play

3rd    Cheryl Hawes for Wildflower  Rhapsody

Master Large Applique

1st   Josephine Millett for Mexican Fiesta

2nd   Josephine Millett for Reel

3rd   Luella Emwiler for Purple Passion

Master Medium Pieced

1st     Pauline Messier for Star in Grey

2nd   Cheryl Hawes for Parasol

3rd   Barbara Cline for Surprise  Packages

Master Medium Applique

1st    Josephine Millett for 50 State Flowers

2nd   Denise Rudolph for Kylie’s Stained Glass Peacock

2nd  Pauline Messier for Fall Fantasy

3rd   Pauline Messier for Old Times

 Master Small Pieced

1st  Cheryl Hawes for Glorius

2nd  Barbara Cline for Grandmother’s  Delight

3rd  Cheryl Hawes for Heritage

Master Small Applique

1st   Lori Hertzler Schrock for Toni Whitney’s Liberty

2nd  Josephine Millett for Autumn Garden

3rd  Denise Rudolph for All Gussied Up

Open Division Modern

1st  Lori Hertzler Schrock for The Necessary

2nd Gail Oliver for Ombre

3rd  Kathy Christy for Check it Out

Other Techniques

1st  Molly Toth for Busy Blue Birds

2nd  Luella Emswiler for Serentity

3rd     Lori Hertzler Schrock for Twilight

Home Décor

1st    John Hammel for Table Topper

2nd  Cheryl Hawes for Tumbling Blocks Runner

3rd    Lori Hetzler Schrock for Koi

First Quilt

1st  Gail Oliver for Licorice Allsorts

2nd  Morgan Brown for Doll Baby Quilt

3rd  Ofilia Seidell for President’s Challenge


1st Cheryl Hawes for Quilters Palette Tote

2nd   Lori Hertzler Schrock for Seahorse Tote

3rd  Carolyn Purdy Jewel for Tone Batik Jacket

Artisan  Art/Innovative

1st  Michelle Perkins for Color Play

2nd  Michelle Perkins for Hildebrandt’s  Starling

3rd  Vicki Graham for Points to 3

Artisan Applique

1st Jan Hood for Grandmother’s Flower Garden

2nd Jan Hood for From the Field

3rd Jan Hood for Floral Elegance

Artisan Small Pieced

1st   Cindy Holland for Mexican Star

2nd  Elizabeth Adams for My Traveling Twisted Heart

3rd   Elizabeth Adams for Fractured  Flowers

Artisan Medium Pieced

1st  Sue McDonald for Three Dimensional Prairie Points

2nd Larry Brown for Lily’s Dimples Rainbow Strata

3rd  Carol Ervin for Christmas  Packages

Artisan Large Pieced

1st  Mary Carlton for Kennebac Cranes

2nd  Doreen Roadcap for Pineapple Pattern

3rd  Bev London for Cathedral Star