The SVQG Newsletter is published monthly.  There is no fee for emailed newsletters.  There is a fee that is determined by the Board to cover printing and postage for paper copies that are mailed.

The deadline is set by the current newsletter editor and is published by the second Sunday after our monthly guild meeting.

Articles for the newsletter are created by Board and Committee Chairs to pass on information about the immediate past meeting and to inform our membership of upcoming programs and events. Members at times have submitted articles, shared recipes or shared quilting info and ideas provided these articles fit the ten page limit.  (Newsletters that are emailed can exceed the ten page limit.)

Advertising in our membership newsletter has the following fees:

  • Members’ fee is $0.50 per word with a $5.00 minimum.
  • Formal business advertising fees are $12.00 for business card size, $20.00 for one-fourth page, $30.00 for one-half page, and $50.00 for full page.